About Us


Huntsville Elementary School will provide quality educational opportunities to develop lifelong learning.


  1. We believe that working cooperatively is necessary to achieve excellence.
  2. We believe that to achieve excellence we must set high expectations.
  3. We believe that all learners are individuals.


How we see our School Community

Huntsville is a community school grounded in the belief that all children can succeed.  Our school meets children’s needs by fostering close ties with family, the community and the school.  Our triangle of support provides a solid basis on which children learn, achieve and succeed.

At Huntsville we are a school that:

  1. Comes together to achieve common goals focused on student learning.
  2. Works together in collaborative teams to increase student achievement through  enhanced instructional delivery and action research.
  3. Monitors student progress on a regular and on-going basis.
  4. Treats all children as individual learners.